Copyediting Services

Donald C. Wood
Akita, Japan



Dependent upon my workload, I am available for copyediting most of the year. I offer thorough copyediting services for academic papers, masters or doctoral dissertations, book manuscripts, essays, and some other kinds of documents.

My credentials and qualifications:

* B.A. (1994) and M.A. (1999) degrees, Texas A&M University (Anthropology)
* Ph.D., 2004, The University of Tokyo (Cultural Anthropology)
* Editor, Research in Economic Anthropology (REA) book series, 2005 - present
* Author, numerous academic articles, one academic book (2012), several short stories, and various essays (see list)
* Extensive copyediting experience as book series editor and for Japanese colleagues in Akita University
* Ample translation (Japanese to English) experience


Light copyediting:         2 yen per word       
(proofreading, mainly minor errors, few errors needing correction)
Medium copyediting:    3.5 yen per word     (more intensive correcting, multiple errors on most pages, rewriting necessary)
Heavy copyediting:       5 yen per word        (very intensive correcting, many errors on each page, much rewriting necessary)

Whether or not a job classifies as light, medium, or heavy depends on the quality of the writing - the amount of work that will be needed to shape it up and smooth it out. (Non-native speakers of English usually need medium to heavy copyediting.) Before taking a job, I evaluate the document in question and offer a price based on this scale. The client then has the choice of accepting or declining my offer. There is usually some some room for negotiation, especially regarding large or  "heavy" jobs, or when the yen is particularly strong (for clients paying in US dollars, etc.).

At least one-half of the fee must be received in advance for me to begin work. The remainder may be paid upon completion. (However, an exception can be made for clients who pay with research grant money.) In general, I require the following amounts of time for jobs (although this may vary some depending on my workload):

10,000 words and under - 2 weeks
10,001 words to 30,000 words - one month
30,001 words to 50,000 words - 6 weeks
50,001 words to 70,000 words - 2 months
70,001 words and up - 3 months

In principle, I do not do translation work because of the amount of time involved, or accept rush jobs, because of my many other obligations. However, in some cases I may be able to do rush work, depending on the time of year and my schedule (at 150% of the normal price). I generally offer a 10% discount to people affiliated with Akita University, Tohoku University, or The University of Tokyo.

Questions? Contact me at: wood (at) med.akita-u.ac.jp