Left Brain Stuff
(the serious side)

Selected Publications:

As sole author:

    Disease is Always Cultural: Medical Anthropology for Future Physicians at Akita University.
       Journal of Medical English Education (forthcoming).
   Photography in the 1930s "Native" Ethnography of  Yoshida Saburo: The Eye of the Seikatsu-sha and the
      Legacy of Shibusawa Keizo's Attic Museum. Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology 18(1): 37-68. 
    Large Classes and Great Expectations: Establishing and Evaluating an Integrated, Comprehensive English
       for Medical Purposes Program for First-Year Medical Students at Akita University. Journal of Medical
       English Education, 15(3): 154-161.
    Gratuitous Ancestor worship of (and for) Robert J. Smith. Anthropology News, Society for East
       Asian Anthropology column (December).
    And if Strangers Come to Supper (a novel). CreateSpace Publishing Platform, May 2.
    Trial and Error, Study and Sweat: Yoshida Saburo's Smallholding in Northeastern Japan, 1935.
       Research in Economic Anthropology, 34: 235-266.
    Yoshida Saburo: A Well-Connected Man of the 20th Century. Kyoto Journal, 80: 169-177.
    Thinking Locally and Acting Globally in Regional Japan: Development with Respect to a Community's
       Base. Tohoku Anthropological Exchange (東北人類学論壇), 13: 1-15.
    Tremors in the "Contact Zone" and Challenges to Anthropology Following the Great East Japan Earthquake:
        The View of a Foreign Resident Anthropologist. Asian Anthropology, 11: 39-53.
    Ogata-mura: Sowing Dissent and Reclaiming Identity in a Japanese Farming Village. New York: Berghahn Books.
「今人」との不思議な縁―吉田三郎と私 、 秋田魁新聞 、2012年10月(頁 10)
English Textbook Preference among Japanese Medical Students Reconsidered: Textbook Content, Testing,
        and Student Performance as Factors. Journal of Medical English Education, 10(1): 20-28.

    Simon Partner, The Mayor of Aihara: A Japanese Villager and His Community, 1865-1925. Book Review,
        Japanese Review of Cultural Anthropology, (10): 77-83. (dated 2009, published 2010)
    English Textbook Preference among Japanese Medical Students: Textbook Content and Student Motivation.
        Journal of Medical English Education, 8(2): 73-79.
    Children as a Common-Pool Resource: Change and the Shrinking Kindergarten Market in a
       Japanese City. Research in Economic Anthropology, Vol. 29. Pp. 341-379.
    Introduction: Economic Development, Integration, and Morality in Asia and the Americas.
       Research in Economic Anthropology, Vol. 29. Pp. 1-27.
2007 (Published Nov. 2006)
    Introduction.  Research in Economic Anthropology, Vol. 25. Pp. 1-23.
    The Polder Museum of Ogata-mura: Community, Authenticity, and Sincerity in a Japanese Village.
       Asian Anthropology, 4: 29-58.
    Fragmented Solidarity: Commercial Farming and Rice Marketing in an Experimental Japanese Village.
       In Anthropological Perspectives on Economic Development and Integration (Research in Economic
       Anthropology, Volume 22), N. Dannhaeuser and C. Werner, eds.  Pp. 145-167.
    A Practical Taxonomy of Benches on the Texas A&M University Campus.  Teaching Anthropology:
        The Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges Notes, 6(2): 33-37.
    The Rural Revival Movement in Japan: A Comparison of Two Communities.  Bulletin of the National
        Association of Student Anthropologists, 11(1-2): 8-16.

As editor:

    Anthropological Considerations of Production, Exchange, Vending and Tourism in Asia, Africa,
       Oceania and the Americas. (Research in Economic Anthropology, Vol. 37). Emerald Group.
    The Economics of Ecology, Exchange and Adaptation: Anthropological Explorations.
       (Research in Economic Anthropology, Vol. 36). Emerald.
   Climate Change, Culture, and Economics: Anthropological Investigations (Research in Economic Anthropology,
      Vol. 35) Emerald.
   Production, Consumption, Business and the Economy: Structural Ideals and Moral Realities (Research
      in Economic Anthropology, Vol. 34). Emerald.
   Political Economy, Neoliberalism, and the Prehistoric Economies of Latin America (Research in
       Economic Anthropology, Vol. 32). Emerald. (with Ty Matejowsky)
   The Economics of Religion: Anthropological Approaches (Research in Economic Anthropology, Vol. 31).
       Emerald. (with Lionel Obadia)
    Economic Action in Theory and Practice: Anthropological Investigations (Research in Economic
       Anthropology, Vol. 30). Emerald/JAI.

    Economic Development, Integration, and Morality in Asia and the Americas (Research in Economic
       Anthropology, Vol. 29). Emerald/JAI.

    Pearson Custom Resources in Anthropology. Pearson Publishing. (http://www.pearsoncustom.com/)
        (Member, Editoral Board and Contributing Editor) 

    Hidden Hands in the Market: Ethnographies of Fair Trade, Ethical Consumption, and Corporate
        Social Responsibility (Research in Economic Anthropology, Vol. 28).  Emerald/JAI.
        (with Geert De Neve, Peter Luetchford, and Jeffrey Pratt)
2008 (published Nov. 2007)
    The Economics of Health and Wellness: Anthropological Perspectives (Research in Economic
        Anthropology, Volume 26).  Elsevier/JAI.
2007 (published Nov. 2006)
    Choice in Economic Contexts: Ethnographic and Theoretical Enquiries (Research in Economic
       Anthropology, Volume 25). Elsevier/JAI.

As co-author:

   Okamoto Taro, Nuclear Proliferation, Tradition, and the "Myth of Tomorrow." Kyoto Journal, 77.
        (with Akiko Takahashi)
Understanding Intersections of Development, Neoliberalism, and Prehistoric Economies: An Overview
        of REA Volume 32. Research in Economic Anthropology, Vol. 32. (with Ty Matejowsky)

   Economics and Religion, Economics in Religion, Economics of Religion: Reopening the Grounds
        for Anthropology? Research in Economic Anthropology, Vol. 31. (with Lionel Obadia)
   Japan's Shrinking Regions in the 21st Century: Contemporary Responses to Depopulation and
        Socioeconomic Decline. Peter Matanle & Anthony S. Rausch, eds. New York: Cambria Press.
        (contributing author - Ch. 9)
    The Number of Cumulative Infected Individuals in a Society is Independent of Population Size when
        the Basic Reproductive Number (
R) is Small - An Estimation of R of Hong Kong SARS 2003.
        Akita Journal of Medicine, 35(1):89-99 (T. Sato, D.C. Wood, M. Katahira and A. Nakamura).
    Spontaneous Awakening from Nocturnal Sleep and Cardiac Autonomic Function in Preschool Children. 
        Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic & Clinical, 133:170-174 (M. Sampei, M. Dakeishi, D.C. Wood, T. Iwata,
        and K. Murata).

    正規表現全文検索を利用した英文CORPUS利用教育と学習用具. Computer & Education, 20:18-24
        (in Japanese)  (T. Sato, M. Katahira, D.C. Wood, and A. Nakamura).

    Impact of Total Sleep Duration on Blood Pressure in Preschool Children.  Biomedical Research, 27(3):111-115
        (M. Sanpei, M. Dakeishi, D.C. Wood, and K. Murata).
    Cardiac Autonomic Hypofunction in Preschool Children with Short Nocturnal Sleep.  Tohoku Journal of
        Experimental Medicine, 208: 235-242 (M. Sanpei, K. Murata, M. Dakeishi, and D.C. Wood).


    Repositioning the Anthropology of Prewar Japan: John Embree's Suye Mura and the "Native" Ethnology
       of Yoshida Saburō. East Asian Anthropological Association (EAAA) annual meeting, Hokkaidō University,
       Sapporo, Japan (Oct. 16).
2016. Anthropology, Japan, Tohoku: Writing from a Periphery…for a Center? Anthropology of Japan in
       Japan (AJJ), Tōhoku University, Sendai, Japan (April 24 - invited address).
    Ogata-Mura: Anthropologically Interpreting a Synthetic Cultural Landscape in Northeastern Japan. East Asian
       Anthropological Association (EAAA) & Taiwan Society for Anthropology and Ethnology (TSAE) joint annual
       meeting ("Multiple Landscapes of Anthropology"), Taipei, Taiwan (October 4).  
    吉田三郎との出会い. 秋田県民俗学会研究大会. (秋田市・8月23日)
    Photography in the 1930s "Native" Ethnology of Yoshida Saburo: Detailed Documentation, Subtle Remonstration,
       and the Legacy of Shibusawa Keizo's Attic Museum. IUAES Inter-Congress, Chiba, Japan (May 18).
    Thinking Locally and Acting Globally in Regional Japan: Revitalization, Integration, and a Community’s Base. British
       Association for Japanese Studies conference, Akita University, Akita, Japan (Nov. 2).
    日本の「田舎」で人類学的に 暮らすこと―吉田三郎と私の 「ボアズ的実験」 .  日本文化人類学会 第47回研究大会
    "Crisis in the Pacific": Foreign Media and Governments, and Tremors in the "Contact Zone" Following the Great
        East Japan Earthquake. "Light and Shadow in East Asia: Health, Wealth, and 'Hungry Ghosts'" international symposium,
        National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan (Sept. 10).
    生活し研究する秋田の社会経済変化―「小子化」に直面する幼稚園. 東北大学文学部、東北人類学談話会
    共通プール資 源としての子ども―秋田市における幼稚園市場の縮小と社会変化.  日本文化人類学会 第43回研究大会
         (大阪、5月30日).  (新型インフルエンザのため、未発表.)
     大潟村の村づくりプロジェクト―社会的背景と結果(文化人類学の立場から). 招待講演.(秋田市雄和公民館、1月27日)

Unpublished Work:

> From Paper to Practice: Social Solidarity, Political Economy, and Change in a Planned Japanese Village.
        Ph.D. dissertation, Tokyo University Department of Cultural Anthropology, 2004.  (Advisor and
        Chair: Prof. Abito Ito)
> Ancestral Land, Inheritance and the Revitalization of Rural Japan: The Case of Ogata-mura.  M.A. thesis,
        Texas A&M University Department of Anthropology, 1999.  (Chair of Committee: Dr. Norbert
> The Cultural Allocation of Space: A Pedagogical Exercise in Archaeology (an excursion into spatial
        analysis conducted on the Texas A&M University campus).